A few great games have recently popped up on the Nintendo eShop at the best prices they’ve been listed for yet. If you been on the fence about any of the following few titles now is the time to buy! Check out this list of games in the most recent Switch eShop Sale.

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Katamari Demacy REROLL

Katamari Demacy REROLL for launched for the Nintendo Switch on December 7 2018. The game puts players in control of the Prince of the Cosmos as they attempt to restore the stars to the heavens after the king accidentally destroys them. Normally $29.99; Katamari Demacy REROLL is a steal at just $7.49 until 6/22.

Switch eShop Sale

This War of Mine: Complete Edition

I had played This War of Mine in the past and was on the fence about getting for the Switch but at the current price of just $3.99(90% OFF), it was a no-brainer to finally take the leap. This War of Mine has players control and guide civilians as they try to escape/survive in a city besieged by war. The sale ends 6/22 and includes all DLC.

Switch eShop Sale

Switch eShop Sale

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is very much like a 3D version of Star Dew Valley. Players will build, farm, develop relationships, explore, battle, and more. Normally $29.99, My Time at Portia is on sale for $7.49 until /16.

Switch eShop Sale

Tales of Vesperia: Deluxe Edition

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the original release of Tales of Vesperia the Deluxe Edition was released on January 11th of 2019. This 4 player version of the classic RPG is a great way to experience deep gameplay with friends and family. On sale until 6/21, Tales of Vesperia: Deluxe Edition is just $12.49 for a short time.

Switch eShop Sale

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