Review There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension Switch

At first glance, I thought that There Is No Game that would be the Warioware like title I wanted on the Switch. It turned out to be far from it but I was not disappointed. I would not consider myself a fan per se of the Point and Click genre, however, There Is No Game takes the age-old concept and expands upon it; flipping it on its head even. Read more for my full review of There is no Game: Wrong Dimension for the Nintendo Switch.

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Review There Is No Game Switch

Section 1: Concept

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension tells the story of “Game” (the narrator if you will) as he battles to keep players out of the game. “Game” has become rather depressed due to losing his love “GiGi”; how he loses her is of course revealed during the playthrough so I won’t ruin it here. The player and game team up to defeat “Glitch” who has gotten the two stuck in another gaming dimension. Throughout the journey, players will visit and interact with familiar characters in different dimensions such as Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Charlie Chaplin, and others. The storytelling is engaging, hilarious, and even a bit of a tear-jerker at times.

Section 2: Gameplay

Each dimension presents new gameplay mechanics that parody those of popular games and game types. While the game is a Point and Click adventure throughout, the gameplay stays fresh due to these constant changes and allows the gameplay to unfold in a way that allowed me to often forget that I was playing a Point and Click. The game (or not game) starts out with some simple puzzles in the typical Point and Click style but quickly evolves into a PC simulation, a Zelda-inspired adventure, a free-to-play Facebook-style game, and many other familiar variations of gaming.

The puzzles, for the most part, are not too difficult (I think I used the hint twice) and are presented in a way that is challenging but fun. Each new dimension presents an opportunity for the puzzles of each to be unique and engaging. The way the gameplay and story develop keeps players tuned in. The characters though not visible (existing only in voice – with the exception of “Glitch”) are fully developed and connect with the player in a meaningful way.

Review There Is No Game Switch

Section 3: Summary

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is a unique Point and Click adventure game. It presents many variations of gameplay and tells a fun and meaningful story in an original way. As mentioned at the start of this review, I am not usually into Point and Click adventures but There Is No Game may be one of my favorite games on Switch to date and is definitely the best Point and Click I have ever played. Players can expect to finish this game in about 6hrs.

Section 4: Pros and Cons


  • Unique Gameplay
  • Superb Point and Click execution
  • Great story and character development


  • Not Warioware
  • Would have been nice to see the gyroscope or other features of the Switch incorporated in the gameplay
  • A bit short
Review There Is No Game Switch

My Review of There is no Game: Wrong Dimension: 9/10

Buying Guide: Not sure if this one will go on sale anytime soon but I don’t think it matters. It was worth every dollar at $12.99.

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