Review Super Mega Baseball 3 Switch

As mentioned in my Top Sports Titles for Nintendo Switch(link below), there is definitely a lack of quality sports games on Switch. This is especially true for fans of baseball and football. After weighing the options of RBI Baseball and Super Mega Baseball I thought the latter looked more promising in respect to the overall gameplay and quality of the title. Sure Super Mega Baseball is not an MLB licensed title and therefore does not have real teams and players like RBI Baseball does but from what I found it seems to be the superior title. Read more for a full review of Super Mega Baseball 3 on the Nintendo Switch.

Section 1: Game Modes

Super Mega Baseball 3 presents a variety of ways to play. Players can play exhibition matches against the computer, or multiplayer via local play or online play with a friend; there is no match-making for exhibition mode games. Online match-making is present in the Race for the Pennant mode where players compete with others online to win pennants. I found finding a game was not the fastest process; waiting 5+ minutes sometimes before being matched.

The game also offers seasons where players can compete against the computer or friends in customizable seasons and brackets. In addition, players can go it alone against the computer in the all-new Franchise mode. Players can play across multiple seasons working on player development, managing payroll, and all the aspects of team management. Lastly, there is also the option to create online leagues to play with friends. Super Mega Baseball 3 is cross-platform compatible.

Section 2: Game Play

The EGO mechanic in Super Mega Baseball 3 can match any playstyle from casual to die-hard baseball fans. Lower EGO makes things like batting and fielding less reliant on player input opting to automatically move fielders into position or moving the batter’s aim to the appropriate position. The difficulty scales as players raise the EGO rating. The hardest difficulties require players to manually field balls, make pitching more difficult to place the ball where you want it, and require players to adjust the aim of the batter to make contact.  

Review Super Mega Baseball 3 Switch

Some of the controls for fielding are frustrating but thankfully other control options allow for more control over the fielders. Similar issues were present with advancing runners and stealing bases. Particularly by overcomplicating advancing or stealing with a specific player on base as opposed to all players on base. Unfortunately, I did not find any built-in control solutions for these issues.

The pitching and batting offer mechanics that are standard to most baseball games these days. They become easier or harder to use based on the selected EGO. In the lower EGO rating (35 and under) I found the game to be very easy. I would often win games 15+ to nothing. As I scaled the difficulty setting from 40-60 it made the game more of a challenge. I finally racked in my first few losses against the computer. In this 40-60 range I felt the teams were either good and hard to beat or not. If you get the nerve to try the more difficult EGO setting (70+) the game becomes a grind and requires players to be at the top of their game.

Section 3: Customization

One of the things that Super Mega Baseball 3 has going for it is the customizability that players are granted. You can customize all the players and teams. Everything from changing a player’s demeanor, clothing style, or general look to changing a team’s logo, colors, or stadium. One of the first things I did when I got the game created a team and player of my own. I was able to use the many icons, shapes, and colors to create a unique team logo and uniform, choose a stadium, and individually edit each player’s name and look to suit what I had in mind.

Section 4: Summary

Super Mega Baseball 3 is an arcade-style baseball game with tons of features. It’s packed with all the modes you would expect from a major baseball game including exhibition, online play, franchise, and season mode. Unique to the Super Mega Baseball franchise players are able to fully customize all aspects of the game from leagues and franchises to players and teams. The EGO mechanic makes it a great choice for casual and die-hard baseball fans alike. My only complaints are in a few of the controls related to fielding, stealing, and advancing runners with the former having a built-in secondary control option that makes it more like classic baseball game fielding.

Section 5: Pros and Cons

Review Super Mega Baseball 3 Switch


  • Fully customizable game modes, teams, and players
  • Adjustable/Customizable difficulty to suit any level of gamer
  • Best Baseball game available on Switch
  • Cross-Play


  • Lack of players for matchmaking
  • Frustrating base stealing/advance runners controls
  • No MLB players or teams

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My Review of Super Mega Baseball 3 for Nintendo Switch: 8/10

Buying Guide: I would like to have gotten Super Mega Baseball for $29.99 but I did fork out the $44.99 and I was not disappointed. If you are a fan of baseball or sports games in general full price is likely a good buy for you. If you are more of the casual player it may be worth waiting for a sale. It’s hard to predict when a sale may happen but judging by previous installments in the series you can expect that it will likely go on sale in 3-6 months.

Review Super Mega Baseball 3 Switch

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