My thoughts after a few days with New Pokémon Snap

After a few days with New Pokémon Snap I’ve come to a few conclusions about the quality of the game. I have quite a bit left before finishing it but I think I’ve dived in enough to share my thoughts. Read more to find out how the experience has gone thus far in New Pokémon Snap: First Impressions.

The First Few Minutes and Concept

The opening scene of New Pokémon Snap sets the tone for what’s to come. It is lackluster, to say the least. I genuinely don’t even think they tried on this introduction. Luckily the intro is not important to me but it would have been nice for the developers to put some effort into it. I would have them present the game, story, and characters in a meaningful way. Players choose between 4 different male and female protagonists each with their own look true to the Pokémon franchise. The story and gameplay develop from the Research Camp where players work with Prof. Mirror to discover the secrets of ancient tales and of the Illumina Phenomenon that is present in the Lental Region. Pokémon from across all eight generations of Pokémon are present with a total of 214 Pokémon confirmed in the game.

Gameplay and Regions

It’s apparent that the gameplay mechanics stayed true to the classic Pokémon Snap style right away. Players hop in the NEO-One (the vehicle) and are teleported to different areas that are unlocked through gameplay. Use Flufffruit, Music, and the Scan tool to interact with Pokémon to get the best shot. Prof. Mirror evaluates the pictures after each expedition and judges them based on key indicators. Score categories include position, pose, size, and background. The points earned for the pics submitted to the Prof. are used toward leveling up the area in order to get different Pokémon and situations to interact with said Pokémon in said area.

While I found the visuals of the game to be pretty decent, I feel like they could have been much better given the simplicity of the game and the current capabilities of the Nintendo Switch. In addition, the maps (for the most part) feel uninspired and lack many aspects that made the original Pokémon Snap maps so interesting.

Pokémon Snap First Impressions
Pokémon Snap First Impressions

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New Pokémon Snap: First Impressions

So, with all that being said, I have played New Pokémon Snap for about 9hrs to this point and have enjoyed my time with it if only for the feeling of nostalgia it brings. I look forward to continuing the adventure and publishing a full review but for now, I will leave you with this: New Pokémon Snap does everything fans of the original should expect but overall does very little to expand upon the game in a way that makes it feel fresh and innovative.

When to expect a full review

Keep an eye out for the full review to be published sometime by the end of the weekend (5/9).

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