When PGA Tour 2K21 was first announced to be coming to Switch with the others consoles I was excited but pretty disappointed that it was not going to include the course creator. I bought it anyway day one. To my surprise and much pleasure I found that the game did indeed come with the course creator. Check out these couple course I have made. I plan to continue to create more and develop a list of my favorites by other creators as well. Hope you enjoy PGA 2K21 Best Courses and Shots!

My PGA Tour 2K21 Courses

Hammel St. Links

Easy, simple, traditional style course. Birdies and Pars; no problem. Sprinkle in some Eagles too.
PGA 2K21 Best Courses

Akron Acres

Moderately difficulty, some easy and tough parts, mix of rural and urban scenery.
PGA 2K21 Best Courses
PGA 2K21 Best Courses

The 5:20 Club

Hard course. Pars and birdies will be tough to come by. Lots of water and elevation changes.
PGA 2K21 Best Courses

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Video compilations of the best shots in PGA 2K21 and lists of the best user created courses will be coming soon!

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