Top 10 Sports Games on Switch

I wouldn’t exactly say there is an overwhelming selection of quality sports games on the Switch. The lack of top-tier sports titles affects Baseball and Football fans the worst but overall the selection is still lacking. Even with the plethora of mini-golf and tennis games available you’d be hard-pressed to find simulation-style sports games to the quality that is available on other consoles. That being said there are a few that stand out as the best sports games Switch has to offer. Check out these top 10 Nintendo Switch Sports Games.

Nintendo Switch Sports Games

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10. PBA Bowling 2

Along with the previously mentioned golf and tennis, there are a ton of bowling games on the Nintendo Switch as well. While I found a few others that are worth a play like Crazy Strike Bowling EX and ACA NEOGEO League Bowling (loved this one as a kid) PBA Bowling 1 and 2 are definitely standouts in the crowd.

Career mode is fun and challenging. Competing in online competitions gives a reason to keep playing but I would enjoy a more connected “online multiplayer”. The motion controls weren’t that of the Wii that we would all love to have but the controller-based gameplay is top-notch and offers enough flexibility and depth to make it feel real. Oil patterns, ball weight, and player stats all play a key role in how each roll goes.

9. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of this game however, as far as multi-sport bundles go on the Switch(there a more than you might expect) Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is the best of the mediocre bunch.

I don’t have a problem with the single-player or how any of the games, in particular, perform but I do find that many are fun to play. My main problem with this game is that it doesn’t let you create an Olympic game of your own to play multiplayer. It essentially just gives you a bunch of mini-games to play with no real reason to compete other than competition’s sake. I feel they really dropped the ball here in the same way Mario party dropped the ball for Online Multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch Sports Games

8. Mutant Football

Let me be clear, Mutant Football League is not going to scratch that itch if you are looking for a Madden-style football experience. Although you probably guessed that from the title. That being said, there is plenty of fun to be had in this over-the-top football game and given the lack of competition on the Switch, there really is no other choice, though I did have fun with Football Heroes Turbo.

7. Super Blood Hockey

As the name implies Super Blood Hokey is a blood and gore-filled arcade-style boxing game. Players can start team vs team fights, several injury opponents, or even kill them having them permanently removed from play. Don’t let the art style full you either this game has plenty of depth. Complete locker room training to improve your players and play through franchise mode on a mission to win the championship.

Nintendo Switch Sports Games

6. Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

I tried out a bunch of fishing games on the Switch before coming to the conclusion Pro Series was the best fishing game the Switch has to offer; simulation or arcade(NO, ACNH does not count as a fishing game).

In Rapala Fishing: Pro Series players can play through career mode earning cash to upgrade their equipment. Choose from a variety of boats, rods, reels, lures, and more. Compete in online competitions and daily events to earn more cash for upgrades. The environments are interesting and fun to explore. The game also offers a large catalog of fish to catch and log(Dare I say “gotta catch ’em all!”).

5. Mario Tennis Aces

If you’d prefer to play a simulation-style tennis game then Tennis World Tour is probably your go-to. I however am only a fan of tennis based on how fun the tennis game is to play. Enter Mario Tennis.

The single-player campaign was fun but very short. Seemed more like a long tutorial with a story but it did prepare me well for my online matches. At the time of writing, I hadn’t played in a few months but last I played finding an online match/tournament or co-op was not hard. There are constant official online tournaments and a large variety of players with a few different play styles can keep play interesting and dynamic.

Nintendo Switch Sports Games

4. Golf Story

I have talked about my love for Golf Story on more than one occasion on ChrisOnSwitch so those of you who have been following along could have probably guessed it would end up on this list of Nintendo Switch Sports Games.

Golf Story is an entertaining adventure RPG with the twist of being about golf. Players set off on the task of fulfilling their lifelong dream of becoming a pro golfer. Play through a variety of challenges and light puzzles before playing the course and progressing through the story more. Golf Story also has multiplayer and the unique courses and hazards can make for a hilarious time with friends.

3. Super Mega Baseball 3

There are two games to choose from when it comes to baseball on the Switch. RBI Baseball attempts to create a simulation-style experience but falls flat leaving the more arcade experience of Super Mega Baseball as the go-to for me as far as baseball is concerned on Switch. The game doesn’t lose any depth by choosing to go the path of an arcade-style game. Teams, players, and leagues are all customizable for use in single-player or online play. The pitching and batting are similar to what you would find in World Series Baseball 2K games. The fielding is more automated though which can lead to some frustrating situations particularly for those who are used to having full control of all on-field action. Thankfully the automation tapers off as the player ego gets higher with the built-in skilling mechanics that constantly adjust to keep the gaming fun and challenging as players get better.

Nintendo Switch Sports Games

2. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

While those of you looking for a simulation-style experience have probably already taken the obvious route of NBA 2K21 for everyone else looking for a less serious basketball experience NBA 2K Battlegrounds 2 is a good choice. Play 2 on 2 games online in ranked or unranked matches or go it alone in exhibition or season mode. Compete to earn baller points which are used to buy card packs to unlock current and past players. There are also 3 point competitions and the ability to customize the “swag” each player wears.

1. PGA Tour 2K21

PGA Tour 2K21 is the only fully developed simulation-style golf game on Switch. As a long-time fan of the Tiger franchise, PGA 2K21 is the first golf game that has been able to fill that void in my gaming. Compete in a full schedule Career mode complete with Ferry Tour and Sponsorship. Online societies and quick online 3 hole matches paired with the elaborate course creation tool facilitate great replay value. Earn in-game currency to purchase new equipment and clothing and get the season pass for exclusive unlockable gear.

Nintendo Switch Sports Games

Nintendo Switch Sports Games

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