Top “10’s” Lists

Discover the best Nintendo Switch games. Browse posts for Top 10’s Lists of a variety of categories including family, strategy, couch co-op, competitive multiplayer, and more to come.

Top 20 Games on Switch

With 1000s of games to choose from on Nintendo Switch, knowing you are getting the pick of litter can be a daunting task. Check out this post covering my Top 20 picks for the Nintendo Switch. This list will cover all games released as of 3/2/21.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Top 5 Games on Switch Under $5

Gold Points rewards from Physical and digital purchases add up over time… but let’s face it, it will be a while before you stack up 60 bucks worth. Check out my favorite titles on Nintendo Switch that cost $5 or less. Perfect for those Gold Points

Top 5 Strategy Games Switch

Top 5 Strategy Games On Switch

I love a good strategy game about real-time and turn-based. While the real-time strategy is less abundant on Switch there are enough TBS to suffice. Check this post covering my Top 5 picks for Strategy games on the Nintendo Switch. This list will include only strategy games released as of 3/2/21

Worst Games on Switch
No Thing

Do Not Buy Guide: Worst Games on Switch

I own well over 100 games on Switch. Let me save you a headache… and in the meantime some money as well. Check out this list of games to avoid on the Nintendo Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch Games
Green Hell

Best Games: Crafting Survival on Switch

Next to strategy and Simulation, survival and crafting games are my favorite genre. This style of games has taken up a far larger portion of my gaming experience than any other genre. Check back out this top 10 in the survival genre on the Nintendo Switch.

No Thing

Best Free-To-Play games on Switch

I downloaded and played all of the free-to-play games on the Nintendo Switch to save you the time of having to sift through the pile. Here are my top 5 free games on the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Family Games

It’s Family Game night… what are we going to play? There is a large selection of games to choose from when it comes to playing with kids on the Nintendo Switch. Check out this list of the top 5 family games on the Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games

Even with the plethora of mini-golf and tennis games available it’s tough to find simulation-style sports games on Switch. There are a few that stand out as the best sports games Switch has to offer. Check out these top 10 Nintendo Switch Sports Games.

Best Switch Games Under $20

In these particularly tough times, gaming on a budget is a must for many of us. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to determine the best value for your buck on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Check out this list of my favorite games on Nintendo Switch for under $20.