Top 10 Crafting and Survival Games on Switch

There are lots of great crafting survival games to choose from on Switch. As previously mentioned in another post here on I spend most of my gaming time playing Simulation, Crafting, and Survival style games. I have played and purchased a ton seeking out the best the Switch has to offer.

Here are 10 great crafting survival games on Nintendo Switch.

10. The Escapist 2

Escapist 2

C’mon! When Sock + Soap literally equals a weapon of mass destruction the game has to be on the Top 10 list. The only reason it’s ranked 10 is that it’s trying to lay low after catching all that heat!

My kid… loves… this… game…(oops)

9. Soul Searching

I only recently picked this one up. Soul Searching was released on Switch back on 10/25/2019. I was able to get it for just a few dollars. It’s on sale until 3/26/21.

Seeds of Resilience
Soul Searching

Soul Searching may have some very basic graphics but the simplicity of the visuals in no way takes from the ability of the characters and story to captivate the audience. Even if your character doesn’t say a word (sounds similar to another game on this list).

There are no crafting elements to Soul Searching but the survival aspects of the game are key. Manage thirst, hunger, and energy as you row your boat from island to island on a journey to discover if you are a Soul Searcher. Stop at different islands along the way to purchase upgrades or bigger boats as well as to forage for food and water or to stop by the tavern for a chat and a drink.

8. Minecraft

Minecraft was obviously going to be on this list. If this were a few years ago, you would have probably have seen this game ranked much higher.

Crafting Survival Nintendo Switch

I usually go through periods of playing Minecraft every day into the wee hours of the night and not playing at all. Usually with many months or sometimes over a year between stints.

If you are looking at this list and have an interest in the genre, you probably already know all you need to know to draw your own conclusions on this one. I won’t linger on about it. Minecraft is as classic as it gets for Crafting Survival games period… let alone on Nintendo Switch.

7. Sheltered

Sheltered is similar to Fallout Shelter, except it’s a bit darker and drops the whole facebook style gameplay. You know “press button”, “wait for time to pass”, “press button again to collect rewards”, repeat.

Crafting Survival Nintendo Switch

In Sheltered you manage a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic setting. The sole purpose of the game is to survive as long as possible, expand your shelter, and grow your group if you wish. Send out survivors to find supplies and barter with traders who pass by to gain materials and craft new defenses and equipment for your survivors. Be careful, not all who arrive are would-be roomies. Managing your group’s hunger, thirst, and cleanliness is just as important and as defending the base you have worked so hard to build.

6. Don’t Starve

In Don’t Starve players are thrust into a randomly generated world where you staff off demons and other forces of darkness while managing stats such as Hunger, Sanity, and Health. The seasons and day-night cycle have a much greater effect on gameplay in Don’t Starve compared to many others in the same genre. One of the great parts about this game is the replayability. You can play through this sandbox-style game over and over again and still discover new things.

You can also unlock different characters to play with overtime. Each character presenting its own unique ability that influences the way you play the game.

Don’t Starve

The only bad thing I can say about Don’t Starve is that it’s not Don’t Starve Together. Please come to Switch soon. I don’t want to die alone.

5. The Long Dark

I know The Long Dark tends to get mixed reviews no matter what platform it’s being played on and I get it. I really do.

The Long Dark

I won’t get much more into it now but check back for the full review.

However, if you can look past the rather lackluster story mode and flaws in its use of menus and lack of animations there is a great survival experience to be had. Maybe not the most realistic game or graphics(though that was never the intent of the Art Style) the sandbox mode has 100+ hours worth of gameplay if you’re a fan of the genre.

4. Seeds of Resilience

Seeds of Resilience is an older one as well; coming out back in 2018. It’s one that you can beat the missions in a few hours which I recommend doing before jumping into the Sandbox mode. The missions are an enjoyable series of survival experiences that smoothly transition you through the different mechanics of the game and building processes.

Seeds of Resilience

After completing the missions and jumping into Sandbox the game continues to have replayability. Unlock and recruit different team members to utilize as starting characters. Each has its own skills such as Woodworking, Farming, or Fishing and traits such as Hunt(less health), Survivalist(level up 2x), and Heavy Sleeper(Extra work hours). Manage your team’s energy and tasks to build shelter, storage, and other buildings that are required to eventually build a boat and escape the island your group has been stranded on.

3. Green Hell

Green Hell

If you read the Top 20 list already; then you knew Green Hell was bound to pop up on this list of Crafting Survival Nintendo Switch games.

If you haven’t seen the Top 20 list check it out now. Full review of Green Hell coming soon. If there was a 21 on that list the next game would have been it (maybe I’ll go back and add it).

2. The Flame in the Flood

The Flame in the Flood was one of the first good survival games on the Switch. The characters and story are real and can definitely play on your emotions. Or maybe that’s just the great soundtrack. FYI: the Soul Searching soundtrack is quite reminiscent of this one.

In the Flame in the Flood journey down a “river” over a flooded landscape traveling from “island” to “island” (more like points of interest that survived the flood) gathering resources. Use resources to craft weapons, traps, gear, and raft upgrades. Manage Health, Temp, Energy, Thirst, and Hunger as you fight off wolves and other dangerous “wildlife” making your way to the next checkpoint.

Flame in the Flood

This one will get people who would not call themselves fans of the survival genre per se just as interested (ask my wife). So maybe you’re looking for a starting point in the genre; The Flame in the Flood could be that game.

1. Dragon Quest Builders 2

OK, I must admit I am late to the party on this one. I have been wanting to give it a go since release after hearing Wood talk it up. I bought it a few months ago for my oldest while she was sick and only recently got the chance to play it for an extended period of time.

Crafting Survival Nintendo Switch
Dragon Quest Builders 2

So far, I have completed the first island and traveled to the first exploration island.

Dragon Quest does not have any survival elements but the crafting is and the building is the whole focus of the game and I LOVE THAT about it!

With Minecraft, all I wanted to do was build but the game didn’t give much/if any reward for my efforts. Sure, I felt great for what I had accomplished but not fulfilled. Dragon Quest Builders 2 seems to have the ability to deliver in that regard and thus has landed it atop this list of the Top 10 Crafting and Survival games on the Nintendo Switch.

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