I have been playing video games since the mid-’90s (Born in ’87). My earliest memories of gaming are playing Mario and Duck Hunt. I played on the NES at my gramma’s house with my older sisters. The SNES days followed. Shortly after which of course snowballing into the 64, GameCube, and Wii. Eventually leading to my current go-to the Nintendo Switch. Yes; I skipped the Wii U – oops.

I play a wide variety of games but mainly gravitate toward games with a creative and/or strategic aspect as well as sports and simulation games of all kinds.

Some of my current favorites are Civilization VI, Tropico 6, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and Mario Maker 2.

I started ChrisOnSwitch.com to share reviews on games and accessories that I love(or hate) that have little coverage. I hope you find my experience helpful when making your purchasing decisions for which games and accessories to spend your hard-earned cash on.